Post Number One

This is post number one of this new endeavor. Today is October 31, 2013, and marks the official transition from phase of life to another. These are the origins:

  • A realization that life is short, and to paraphrase     Ferris Bueller, "blink and you'll miss it".  
  • A realization that my biggest fear is looking back and     saying to myself, "Well that was a waste of time". This is far     in excess of the fear of failure, which until recently was fear number 1.
  • A realization that, as much as I enjoy certain aspects     of my current job, such as helping people and making a real difference in     their lives, the constant stress and general negativity that I have been required     to face every day for 10 years has finally taken its toll and I've     recently realized that I don't recognize the person its transformed me     into.
  • A belief that if you can make a living doing something     that you love, that you'll never work another day in your life...well     except for mowing the lawn and shoveling snow and washing dishes...but you     know what I mean, these things rarely take all day. 
  • A belief that in order to be successful, really successful,     not just pay your bills successful, you must really love what you do.

That being said, welcome to post number ONE. I wish I'd done it sooner, but I'm on my way, and I'm going to give this everything I've got.  

~WWHI - Fort Collins, Colorado